Get the most out of winter gardening

Having spent the summer months tending to your garden, as we near winter it’s time to prepare your garden for the colder months. All your hard work does not need to be in vain. If you get your garden set during autumn, you will have a beautiful and thriving garden next year. At Grow Your we understand our client's love for their garden, so we have prepared this piece to help you.

As you get started preparing your garden for next Spring, pay close attention to the areas you feel need the most care and focus your attention there. Here are a few things you can do to get your garden winter-ready. 

Here's how you can ensure that the garden is ready for the cold winter months: 

  1. Mulching

Mulching is a great way to clean up your garden and get your soil nutrient-rich. Mulching serves various purposes, such as helping with moisture retention, reducing weeds, regulating soil temperatures, and providing organic nutrients to the soil after it has decomposed.

A 1-2-inch layer of mulch should be enough to prevent insulation from taking place.

  1. Pruning

Autumn is a great time to prune some of your plants. Your plants will have an easier time getting through winter if they're in good shape – literally. Carefully pick the plants that you'd wish to prune. Pruning helps protect the plants from exposure to stress and diseases.

Watch how well the pruned plants thrive after the clean-up. 

  1. Weeding

Now is an excellent time to eliminate all the weeds disrupting your gardening and giving you sleepless nights. Uproot them, place them in a pile, and burn them. Alternatively, you could place them in the trash. Avoid shifting them to a different part of the garden as they could sprout all over again. A lot of these remain viable in heaps or piles even after they've been uprooted.

Spraying quality weed killer over the weeded areas can also help prevent growth occurring in the Spring.

  1. Clearing

Not only do the dead and rotting plants look untidy, but they could also potentially possess harmful diseases. Pests that feed on crops usually lay their eggs on/under leaves. These eggs hatch in spring, and the cycle goes on. All unhealthy plants should be removed entirely from the garden. On the other hand, healthy plants may be added to the compost to improve the soil's quality.

  1. Sharpening

Almost all gardening activities come to a halt during winter. This presents a great time to clean your gardening tools and oiling them for better storage. This will eliminate all the dirt and prevent rusting and ensure that they're well maintained and can serve for many years. 

Once you think you have everything taken care of be sure to make a list of the tools and equipment you think you will need for the following year, or any maintenance work during winter.

Check out our website or contact a member of staff to learn more.

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